Food for Thought: Zen Is the Moment

This week we have an incredible guest answering all our questions on picking out a sweet wine! There will be lots of baked treats being posted next week so make sure to read the delicious recommendations below for the perfect accompaniment! Where did the Zen Is the Moment name come from? It basically came fromContinue reading “Food for Thought: Zen Is the Moment”

He’s a real spud

I love a potato gratin with a steak, it’s warming and delicious and reminds me of living in Paris growing up. But with cream, cheese and butter it’s very rich and not very forgiving on the hips so I needed to find a suitable healthier alternative. Don’t get me wrong these are still not healthyContinue reading “He’s a real spud”

You drive me coconuts!

Being in lockdown with such incredible weather makes me want to be on holiday on a lounge chair drinking a Pina Colada… That not being possible until god knows when I opted to spend the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up these delicious coconut cookies. Not only do they suit my sweet tooth perfectly theyContinue reading “You drive me coconuts!”

Dips don’t lie

It’s finally the end of another week and in Dutch households that means a daily borrel! Served at around 5pm and enjoyed by family and friends it’s more than just pre-dinner drinks but not quite as formal as a reception. In a more traditional Dutch household they would serve deep fried Dutch specialties however inContinue reading “Dips don’t lie”

Food for Thought: Vegan Baking with Plant Lady Katie

Happy Thursday! This week we are talking all about vegan baking! The fabulous Plant Lady Katie has shared a delicious recipe so scroll down to check it out but make sure to read the best vegan substitutions on the way down! Katie’s blog is a passion project that begun after graduating from the Savannah CollegeContinue reading “Food for Thought: Vegan Baking with Plant Lady Katie”

Let’s taco bout it

This is one of my go to quick, easy and healthy recipes for a Saturday lunch. With super simple ingredients but delicious flavours from the spices it’s really fresh and for a little heat top it off with a pinch of chilli flakes! This recipe calls for guacamole so make sure to check out yesterday’sContinue reading “Let’s taco bout it”