You guac my world!

Happy Friday!! Every Friday I will be sharing different snack foods to accompany your ‘it’s 5 O’clock somewhere’ drink and I’m starting with my fave! Guacamole is my absolute favourite snack, I love the flavours and the freshness and when you’re dipping it always seems to last a little bit longer than when you haveContinue reading “You guac my world!”

Food for thought: Stay Fresh!

I’m super excited to share with you all a new project on the blog, every Thursday I will be interviewing different bloggers. Each will focus on a different aspect of food, from farming to vegan substitutions through to wine pairing and tips on restaurants. It’s a project I’m thrilled to be launching and one thatContinue reading “Food for thought: Stay Fresh!”

Knead to know basics

There’s nothing more wholesome than freshly made bread still warm from the oven. However, with the world being in lockdown and access to yeast being non-existent finding an alternative was a necessity. This recipe is absolutely delicious and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and only uses pantry basics that most will have accessContinue reading “Knead to know basics”

Don’t listen to the crêpe

Happy Easter everyone!! There’s nothing I love more than a Sunday morning, starting off with a coffee in bed followed by a brisk 5km walk and then pancakes! The fluffier the better! It’s the thing I look forward to most in the week and makes for the perfect brunch topped with maple syrup and freshContinue reading “Don’t listen to the crêpe”

Quinoa Getta What What?

This is one of my all time favourite recipes and a huge hit with family and friends a like. Whether served as a side salad at a summer barbecue or as a main dish with some chicken or a handful of feta sprinkled on top it’s a real taste of summer and feels light andContinue reading “Quinoa Getta What What?”