Food for Thought: Zen Is the Moment

This week we have an incredible guest answering all our questions on picking out a sweet wine! There will be lots of baked treats being posted next week so make sure to read the delicious recommendations below for the perfect accompaniment!

Where did the Zen Is the Moment name come from?

It basically came from the vibe / aesthetic that I pursue in life – I’m a pretty chilled out person and I love being and feeling Zen. My work life over the past five years has been very hectic and demanding so in my free time, on my instagram, when I’m at home – I pursue the ultimate chill and zen moments with the people I care about the most!

What kicked off your love of wine?

It started after I completed university and had a little cash to spare with being newly employed. The first time I had a nice glass of wine I thought “wow, this can actually be so incredible – I want more”. Then I met my fiancé who enjoys good food and wine and it grew from there. I’m not a wine snob though – I just like what I like, and I consciously enjoy every glass that I drink.

What do you find makes a really delicious sweet wine?

Balance. Having sweetness, but also acid and spice and fragrance. I also quite enjoy a sweet wine with a little bit of body whereas I know some people prefer something that’s a little more fresh and light.

What are your top recommendations on choosing a sweet wine?

I’m definitely a sucker for a sweet white more than anything else so I’m biased – BUT I do enjoy a glass of port. My top recommendations would be a Maury or a Port if you prefer something red – I really enjoy a Gewurztraminer because it is such a fragrant grape – I’d say it’s pretty! You can’t really go wrong with a Tokaj or Sauternes either! For something lighter bodied (to my taste), still sweet wine made from White Muscat works too.

What is the most memorable sweet wine pairings you’ve had?

It’s super basic, but it is a classic for a reason – a tarte tatin and a glass of Sauternes is like magic to me! I can’t eat a tarte tatin every time I go out for dinner so most times I’ll have a dessert wine solo, without a pairing. It’s probably become my go-to sugar fix after a nice meal!

What are your top tips to ensure you’re getting the best out of a dessert wine?

Dessert wines are tricky because the “sweetness” (technically the “dryness”) of the wine can vary on a scale. If you’re in a shop and you’re not sure – google or vivino to be safe and to make sure you’re getting what you want because the bottle won’t always have the information you’re looking for. When in a restaurant – ASK! Don’t be shy and remember you’re there to enjoy yourself so don’t hold back and ask about the dessert wine and about “how dry” it is.

What are some are 10 of your top recommendations for dessert wines at the below price points:

I won’t name specific brands so we can keep things flexible but this is where you’d probably get good value for quality in each price range:

Under £20

Monbazillac, Muscat / Moscato,

Under £30

Sherry, Maury, Sémillon

Under £50

Tokaj, Port, Vin Santo, Reisling, Gewurtz.

£50 and up

Reisling, Gewurtz., Port, Sauternes

This list is not exhaustive and the more you taste and travel and talk to people, the more you realise there is so much out there – enjoy!

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