Food for thought: Stay Fresh!

I’m super excited to share with you all a new project on the blog, every Thursday I will be interviewing different bloggers. Each will focus on a different aspect of food, from farming to vegan substitutions through to wine pairing and tips on restaurants. It’s a project I’m thrilled to be launching and one that will give you all a fresh take on different ways to cook and bake. Some of them will also offer recipes and others will share top tips but from each we will be able to share a greater knowledge about food!

We will have a fabulous guest on the blog next week but something I really wanted to talk about was buying produce locally from shops that stock FRESH produce rather than supermarket products. This was one of the biggest changes that made me realize I actually enjoyed eating healthy food, there were so many vegetables I ate once and completely wrote off until about three years ago when my boyfriend (who is annoyingly overly healthy) started introducing more and more fresh locally grown and sourced produce onto the table. Now I love it and I often crave fruits and vegetables. Don’t get me wrong I also often crave dominos but my appreciation for greens has increased ten fold. I even started drinking green juices and not the fruity ones we pretend are super healthy and will actually spike our blood sugars but the really green ones with spinach, celery and kale.

This is because they taste so much better, when you walk down a supermarket aisle the colour of the vegetables are dull where as in a fresh market or farm shop they are vibrant and inviting. It’s also way better for your health as it retains more nutrients, imported food that travels long distances is picked before it is ripe resulting in a loss of nutrients. We’ve started driving out of London to Surrey to get hold of fresh products and stumbled upon a pick your own farm which we now regularly go to and with a personal obsession with hallmark romance movies I feel like I’ve stumbled straight into one when we go pumpkin picking every autumn! The moral of the story is where you can eat fresh and find fun local shops and farms to explore with friends and loved ones it’s a great day out!

Make sure to check back next week for our fantastic guest!

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